Dutch police need more IT detectives

30th December 2011, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch government should invest more in IT detectives, rather than in increasing the number of police officers on the beat.

Departing Twente police force commander Martin Sitalsing made this statement in an interview with broadsheet . He argues that if you can predict what criminals are planning to do, you can do your work more efficiently. This leads to more prevention, but also to more solved crimes.

In his own region of Twente, Sitalsing has initiated an IT project in collaboration with the national police and the Israeli security firm Athena. The partners are working on software which would automatically scan public information on deviating patterns.

Twitter would be among the sources of information to be placed under automated surveillance. Should someone, for instance, buy a Harley Davidson motor cycle and next send tweets about biker club Satudarah, a police officer could be dispatched to check the situation out.

The police is also looking into criminal activity involving on-line games such as Habbo and the prevention of child pornography.

Sitalsing says it's not a Big Brother project."There have been cases where in hindsight we say: if only we had monitored the internet forums, we could have prevented the crime."

He does not expect any problems with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


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