Dutch police chief: ban all civilian firearms

23rd July 2011, Comments 2 comments

The police chief of the Dutch town where a gunman killed six people and himself in early April says no civilians should be allowed to have guns.

Central Holland Superintendant Jan Stikvoort, who was responsible for issuing the firearms licence to the gunman, says he merely followed the law. “But civilians should not have weapons. They should be banned throughout the country”, he told newspaper de Volkskrant a day after the Norway massacre.

“I don’t think it is justified to establish a direct connection between the firearms licence and the shooting, but I perfectly understand that the victims and their relatives do so all the time”, the 56-year-old police officer says.

On 9 April 2011, 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlis killed six people and himself, and injured 17 others, in Alphen aan den Rijn, his home town. He used a rifle and a handgun and was wearing a bulletproof vest. He owned a third weapon and had a firearms licence for five weapons.

Police had issued him with a licence without noticing police officers had been involved when he had been interned in a psychiatric clinic after trying to commit suicide. All firearms licences issued in the region are currently being scrutinised for any similar oversights.

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2 Comments To This Article

  • Roy in Canada posted:

    on 24th July 2011, 03:22:45 - Reply

    Central Holland Superintendant Jan Stikvoort is a disgrace as a police official...He wishes to leave good people at the mercy of thugs, while realizing that police can not be everywhere to protect the public...
  • Dutch posted:

    on 24th July 2011, 01:35:40 - Reply

    total neglect on your licensing program, I have a concealed weapons permit and 99% of the people that have this type of permit have NOT been in trouble with the law in the past and are non-violent citizens.