Dutch online purchasing leads in Europe

18th May 2011, Comments 1 comment

Online sales are still on the increase. Last year ten percent of all consumer purchases were carried out online. And the Dutch are doing well compared to the rest of Europe, when it comes to online purchases.

According to the annual report published by Currence on Wednesday, some 70 percent of the population has made online purchases. The iDeal online payment system shows sky-rocketing transaction figures. 2010 was good for 69 million transactions - a 50 percent increase. The total number of transactions so far is five billion euros. That is a 1.5 billion euro increase.

Thuiswinkel.org is the branch organisation for web shops. Director Wijnand Jongen acknowledges the figures mentioned. He expects an ongoing increase in online sales.

Online purchases and payments are responsible for loss of market share for debit cards. Yet the total number of debit card transactions increased as well. Last year the Dutch used their debit card 2.15 billion times. That is an almost 11 percent increase compared to 2009. The report says that without iDeal it would have been up to one percent more.

The total value of debit card transactions in 2010 was 80.9 billion euros. Cash is used less and less every year. In the past two years people used coin and bills 10 percent less.

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  • Sammy Knows Bitches posted:

    on 18th May 2011, 20:22:05 - Reply

    I am amazed its only 10%, given the opening times of shops here in the Netherlands, poor stock levels and very high prices.