Dutch news roundup, 10 November 2006

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Gangster Holleeder ends hunger strike

Gangster Holleeder ends hunger strike

Top gangster Willem Holleeder has ended his hunger strike in the Vught jail, the Justice Ministry said on Friday. Holleeder stopped eating at the end of October in protest against the glass wall separating him from his lawyer, Bram Moszkowicz, during discussions. A decision has been made that the safety precaution is no longer necessary, allowing Holleeder to talk with his lawyer without the glass wall between them.

Outrage over IND 'collaboration' accusations

The Liberal VVD has urged Socialist SP leader Jan Marijnissen to distance himself from comments made by Huub Oosterhuis. The former priest is a vote catcher for the SP and compared the immigration service IND with the collaborationist police in WWII this week. Oosterhuis said the only difference is that the IND is not trying to kill people. The IND lodged a judicial complaint on Thursday.

Call for more sea defences

An outer ring of islands should be created north of the Wadden Sea islands to protect the country against rising sea levels, the Queen's Commissioner in Groningen, Hans Alders, said. He said raising dikes will not be enough to cope with rising sea levels.

Annual Sint Maarten celebration

Dutch children will take to neighbourhood streets on Saturday in the annual Sint Maarten celebration. Carrying hand-made lanterns, the children will go from door-to-door singing and requesting sweets or fruit.

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