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Catch up on the latest Dutch news in brief.

 26 June 2008

Turkish fans watch semi-finals on big outdoor screens
Many Turkish football fans in the Netherlands watched Wednesday evening's European semi-final between Turkey and Germany on big outdoor screens. Four thousand watched the match at the Woensel shopping mall in Eindhoven and two thousand in the Willem II stadium in Tilburg, while one thousand Turkish fans gathered at the Surinameplein in Amsterdam. The match ended in a 3-2 victory for Germany, which will face either Spain or Russia in the finals.

Colon cancer on the rise
The latest figures from the Dutch Cancer Registry show an increase in the number of cases of colon cancer. The disease was diagnosed in 1,015 people in 1995 compared to 1,546 in 2005, an increase of around 50 percent. The organisation blames the rise on increasing alcohol consumption. Cancer of the colon is often incurable, as it has usually already spread to other parts of the body by the time it has been discovered. Breast cancer remains the most common form of cancer in the Netherlands.  

Dutch MPs get tough on petty youth crime
Members of parliament want children automatically referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office the third time they get into trouble with the police. The child could then be placed under the supervision of a guardian.
As things stand, youngsters committing minor misdemeanours can be repeatedly picked up by the police and returned to their homes, without the situation coming under any special kind of scrutiny. The public prosecutor already has the power to place children under supervision, but this rarely happens in practice.

Utrecht promotes cycling
Next week the city of Utrecht will begin an experiment with traffic lights. At several locations the lights will flicker, indicating that cyclists do not have to wait. Many cyclists find it irritating that there are so many traffic lights where they have to stop and wait unnecessarily. If the number of accidents does not increase the city will install more flickering traffic lights.
More people cycle in Utrecht than in any other major Dutch city: 40 percent of all traffic is by bike. In Amsterdam the figure is 33 percent and in Rotterdam 24 percent.

NATO to help Dutch during major calamities
Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst and NATO chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer have agreed that during major disasters the Netherlands can count on the support of NATO troops. The foreign troops will work together with Dutch soldiers, police and fire fighters. They will be under the command of the prime minister or local mayor, depending upon the size of the disaster. Minister Ter Horst also held talks with Belgian and German officials about closer cooperation between the justice systems of the three countries.

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