Dutch news in brief, Wednesday 8 July 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

Government seeks public opinion on vaccine against swine flu
Trouw reports that the government is launching a campaign to gauge people's support for a vaccination programme against swine flu.

The proposed mass vaccination date is October.

"We're getting advice from all sorts of focus groups and citizens' panels,” said a health ministry spokesman. “We're also looking closely at what went wrong with the vaccination programme against cervical cancer."

The programme of cervical cancer vaccinations proved a debacle earlier this year, when less than half the target group of girls turned up for the injections due to rumours about possible side-effects that were circulated on the internet.

An expert tells Trouw: "They should organise a discussion on the television and get the debate going. Then you can find out what various groups think about this vaccination programme and what emotions are involved."
France warns Dutch drugs tourists
"Dutch hash causes drugs explosion in France" trumpets AD. Underneath the headline, a subtitle warns: "French customs warn tourists about severe penalties".

In 2008, French customs authorities confiscated a record 66 tons of drugs.

More than half the heroin found came from the Netherlands and the amount of Dutch cannabis seized was over eight times more than in 2007.

The situation has led the French government to launch a campaign informing tourists of the consequences of being found with drugs in the country.

Posters in French, English and Spanish will be used to warn tourists about the high fines and prison sentences for possession of and dealing in drugs.

"We're not going to be targeting the Dutch," assured one official, "but people should know what risks they're taking."

North Holland new provincial executive apologises for Landsbanki’s loss
Nrc.next reports the new Provincial Executive of North Holland has apologised for the loss of EUR 78 million.

The money, which was invested in Landsbanki, Iceland's failed bank, has been written off.
The Labour leader in the new provincial government apologised on behalf of the parties, including his own, which made up the previous administration.

"Sorry North Holland," he said, "we should have taken more care. Give us the opportunity to make good our mistakes."

Radio Netherlands / Mike Wilcox / Expatica

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