Dutch news in brief, Wednesday 22 July 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

PVV seeks true cost of immigrants
Trouw reports the right-wing Freedom Party (PVV) is demanding to know the exact cost to government ministries of the immigrant community compared to the income it brings in.

The PVV believes immigrants are more often unemployed or low-earners and therefore generate less tax than other members of society.

In June, a PVV MP asked Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan to elaborate on the cost of immigrants, claiming "the extra demand on social services" had cost the government EUR 100 billion.

The minister responded that he was "in no way impressed by this argument about costs" and that many in the Dutch immigrant community "also make a contribution to society". However, Van der Laan did provide a broad list of the costs and contributions involved.

Now the PVV is demanding a detailed ministry-by-ministry breakdown.

The paper believes ministers are unlikely to agree to PVV’s request and will instead agree to deliver some kind of generalised answer.

Vegan Streaker arrested for possible attack on Queen
Nrc.next runs an exposé of Peter Janssen, who was dubbed the 'Vegan Streaker' a year ago after he disrupted a live television show clad only in his underpants in a bid to publicise animal rights.

He was arrested on Monday on suspicion of planning an attack on Queen Beatrix and possessing a gun.

The police arrested Janssen after receiving a detailed tip-off.

The Vegan Streaker is described as radical, refusing even to sit on leather furniture. His website paints a pacifist picture of his publicity-seeking streaking campaign. In an interview with a magazine, Janssen says it is not his intention to hurt people: "If I bump into a hunter in the woods, I'd have no problem with him getting injured".

Janssen is also said to have confessed to an arson attack on a butcher's van.

Tax office blunders again
De Telegraaf's headline reads: "Tax office in major blunder".

Apparently, tens of thousands of us have received incorrect provisional tax bills which are sent automatically.

A tax office spokesman said the blunder means that some people will have to make an additional payment while others will get a refund.

Record number of Dutch holidaymakers stuck abroad
AD reports a record number of Dutch holidaymakers have been stuck abroad with broken-down cars.

The number of holiday breakdowns is up 14 percent so far this year, said the Dutch automobile association.

The increase could be due to many people’s desire to travel despite the recession. Dutch people are choosing holiday destinations closer to home and reachable by car. However, the desire to save money also means cars are less well-maintained, resulting in more cars breaking down.

"We're a travel hungry country," concluded the association.

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