Dutch news in brief, Wednesday 13 August 2008

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Find out what’s the latest news in the Netherlands in the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

13 August 2008

Dutch cameraman killed in Gori
The war in Georgia dominates all the papers again Wednesday. AD and De Telegraaf print photos of a Dutch cameraman who was killed in Gori just hours before Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced a cessation of the fighting. Stan Storimans (39) was hit by shrapnel as he was filming on Stalin Square for Dutch commercial broadcaster RTL Nederland.
In the same incident, reporter Jeroen Akkermans was injured in the leg. He says: "The explosion wasn't big, but it was close."

The two journalists were taking shots of the desolate atmosphere in the city since the population had fled the fighting.
AD reports that Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen, who had met Storimans in Afghanistan, has summoned the Russian ambassador for an explanation. Trouw notes that he is the seventh journalist to be killed in a war situation since 1982.
Olympic medal winner had to be encouraged
De Telegraaf prints the word bronze in bold letters, below it is a picture of an ecstatic Dutch judoka Elisabeth Willeboordse holding up her Olympic medal. The 29-year-old won an exhausting match against the Cuban Driulis Gonzales in the 63 kg category.
In an advert in De Telegraaf a sponsor says the coaches also deserve medals after the Dutch success at the games. National judo coach Marjolein van Unen had to spur Willeboordse on to win over her nerves during the competition. After the fight she fell into her coach's arms and said: "That was a rotten match."
Two legal mums
Trouw and de Volkskrant report on a proposal by the Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin for new legislation to make it easier and cheaper for the two partners in a lesbian relationship to both become legal mothers of children born within that relationship.
Up to now partners of lesbian mothers have had to legally adopt the children in their care. The minister insists the new legislation will put the interests of the child first as well as take the position of biological fathers into account.

Lesbian couples with children conceived via an anonymous donor will automatically become duo mothers.
The cabinet has decided to adopt the main recommendations put forward by the Kalsbeek commission which looked into lesbian parenthood.

The cabinet believes the time is right to change the law as parenthood is no longer just a biological matter, but has become much more complex. The minister wants to put his plans to human rights experts, "so that the rights of all those involved are protected."

Slowing down fast food
De Volkskrant reports on a call by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre to limit the number of fast food outlets in low-income areas and put a total ban on outlets anywhere near schools. A spokesperson for the nutrition centre says, "The more fast food people eat, the greater the chance of obesity."
Experts doubt the measure will work as research shows the number of fast food outlets in the vicinity has little effect on fast food consumption in low and medium-income families. They say it is stigmatisation to suggest fast food should be banned in low-income areas.

However, the experts do agree that fast food should not be sold near schools.
The paper visits one of Amsterdam's inner city districts and asks fast food shop owners what they think. They laugh: "Children should just do more sport."
Pelican escapee spotted in nature reserve
De Telegraaf prints a photo of an escapee pelican from Amsterdam's Artis zoo found in a nature reserve near Assen in the north of the Netherlands.

The bird is the oldest of three young pelicans born last spring. "Usually the wings of pelicans are clipped to prevent them from flying off," explains zookeeper Bart Kret.

But it is difficult to know when to clip their wings as the young birds can't swim if you do it too soon.

The zoo cannot retrieve its escapee because that would disturb other birds in the reserve. Staff at the reserve is keeping an eye on the young pelican to make sure it eats enough.

The pelican which has a wing-span of over three metres was earlier spotted near Amsterdam central station. People are being asked to leave it in peace if they come across it.
In a second story in the same paper, a young heron was less lucky when it landed in the vegetation of the lion's enclosure at the zoo.

The male of the pride, Caesar, jumped up and caught the poor creature. His mate, lioness Nyote gobbled up the booty leaving just a few feathers.
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