Dutch news in brief, Thursday 28 August 2008

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Find out what’s the latest news in the Netherlands in the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

28 August 2008

Queen Beatrix greets Olympic medal winners
Almost all the papers print photos of the Dutch Olympic medal winners on the steps in front of Queen Beatrix's residence Huis ten Bosch.

All the winners are wearing their grey Olympic team suits and a medal on an orange ribbon around their necks. The Queen is positioned next to the 2-metre-tall long distance swimmer Maarten van der Wijden, who stands two steps down to avoid making the Queen look too small.

The medal winners were then whisked away in an open top bus to the Knight's Hall where they were addressed by Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Dutch IOC president Erica Terpstra.

De Volkskrant describes a gruelling schedule of parties and receptions for the Olympic athletes. The paper quoted hockey player Lidewij Welten: "We landed on Monday and haven't unpacked yet!"

Terpstra, a former Olympic Swimmer, says things have changed since her day back in the sixties. Then, when you got to Schiphol, you just went home.
Virgin vaccine may not be cost effective
Trouw and NRC.Next report that a government plan to introduce a vaccine against cervical cancer for 12-year-olds in September 2009 is too early.

Experts from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam say it is not clear how effective the virgin vaccine is or whether it is cost effective.
The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which causes cervical cancer is transmitted by sexual contact. So to protect girls from HPV, they have to be inoculated before they become sexually active.

However, no research has been done on the effect of the vaccine in 12-year-old girls, although it is known that they react differently to 15 to 26-year-olds.

The experts ask what if you need to revaccinate eight years later. "It is relatively easy to vaccinate all young girls, but as they grow older it is more difficult to reach them. And the high-risk group you really need to get to, promiscuous women and prostitutes, never turn up for revaccination programmes."

Researcher Floor van Leeuwen says her warning is not too late because Health Minister Ab Klink has said the introduction of the vaccination programme depends on its cost effectiveness.
Maria apparition
Commuters in the Netherlands may have seen posters at bus stops and train stations advertising a Maria apparition next week.

Trouw explains that the new glossy magazine Maria is published by the Catholic broadcaster KRO although the KRO logo is tucked away so as not to put people off.

The glossy magazine will surprise readers with features on spiritual sex and shopping tips but will not contain television listings.

The KRO aims to reach out to a younger audience with the publication. It also wants to attract women between 30 and 50, who may be interested in spirituality but are not necessarily Catholic.

The KRO’s recent move is also in line with the obligatory rule that broadcasting stations in the Netherlands have to raise their profiles since September 2000.

Police train to deal with teen weapons
School's back and a police unit in Rijnmond, in the province of South Holland, has spent the summer following special training sessions in school buildings according to AD. The training focuses on situations where teenagers use weapons in the playground.

Twenty-eight police officers belonging to the unit, which specialises in life-threatening situations, trained at the Zadine College in the centre of Rotterdam.

The location was carefully chosen. In 2007, there was a stabbing at the school and in the panic that ensued, another boy pulled out a gun adding to the chaos. "Funnily enough this incident, brought us to this location," says the unit's commanding officer.
Baby giraffe healthy
AD prints a photograph of a baby giraffe Christel at Rotterdam Zoo. The giraffe born at Rotterdam's Blijdorp Zoo has been adopted by aunt Tipsy after her mother, Marianne, rejected her.

The paper reports that baby Christel is doing well. The giraffe was very weak as a new-born as she hardly got any milk. Now she has put on 7 kilos and is a picture of health.

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