Dutch news in brief, Thursday 27 August 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

Aftermath of shooting at free dance festival
Thursday’s papers carry reports on the aftermath of Saturday’s shooting at a free dance festival on the beach near Hook of Holland in which one person was killed and six injured.

Trouw writes the “Rotterdam council lashes out at Aboutaleb” as all parties in the council agree that Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb jumped to conclusions when he introduced a two-year ban on large-scale free dance festivals.

The councillors want the mayor to scrap the ban.

Even his own party, the PvdA (Labour Party) called the ban ‘odd’. Local party leader Peter van Heemst said: “How can you draw conclusions without knowing the facts?”

VVD (conservatives) Councillor Kees de Gruiter said the ban was a “victory for a bunch of terrorists. I call them terrorists because they instil fear, just like real terrorists. And they succeeded: soon all we will have in Rotterdam is bans on public gatherings.”

AD has on its front page a photograph of a pensive looking Aad Meijboom, the commander of the Rotterdam police force, who admits that one or more mistakes were made during the calamitous Hoek van Holland beach festival.

Meijboom, who was on vacation in France when the riots took place, said urgent pleas from police officers on the scene for the deployment of riot police was not passed on to senior police officers.

Since his return, the commander has launched an investigation and talked to more than 100 police officers who were at the festival. He was shocked by conversations with traumatised officers who feared they were about to die when they were attacked by hooligans.

 “These hooligans were after one thing, and one thing only: to make casualties among police officers. The officers had no choice but to draw their guns. … To my dismay, I have concluded that even warning shots do not deter these hooligans,” said Commander Meijboom.

De Volkskrant features a photograph of a silent march in which about 800, many of them supporters of Rotterdam football club Feijenoord, took part on Wednesday night.

The march began at the site where the 19-year-old victim used to hang out with his friends and ended at his home, where flowers were laid at his photograph and fireworks set off.

Anti-piracy group scores victory against download site
Free newspaper De Pers reports that anti-piracy foundation Brein (Brain) is celebrating another success in its fight against the illegal downloading of illegal content. 

The Utrecht court ruled Wednesday that torrent site Mininova must stop offering links to files containing copyright-protected material.

An earlier case against Swedish site The Pirate Bay by Brein, which acts on behalf of copyright holders from the film and music industries, led to the filesharing site banned as of 1 September.

Mininova, run by five Utrecht students, has been given three months to clean up its web site or risk facing a EUR 5 million fine.

According to Tim Kuik from Brein, “There are more than a million torrents on that site, of which between 800,000 and 900,000 link to illegal content.”

Mininova features a system which allows copyright holders to report violations after which the owners would take action, but Kuik said it was obviously completely impossible for copyright holders to report every single violation.

The judge has said: “It’s your site, your business, your responsibility.”

The students running Mininova, who reportedly make hundreds of thousands of euros a year, say they will first meet with their lawyer to discuss the implications of the ruling and have no idea whether they will have to close down their site. 

Many parents underestimate costs of raising children
AD reports many parents underestimate the financial consequences of an addition to the family.

A report published by the Nibud, the National Institute for Family Finance Information, shows that many parents have problems making ends meet after having a baby.

A survey among 500 parents shows before the arrival of the baby, 70 percent never overdrew at the bank and were not behind with their payments. After the arrival of an addition to the family, only 43 percent were still able to balance their checkbooks.

The Nibud advises parents to prepare themselves better, as only three percent of all new parents make a careful calculation of the costs involved in having a child.

Spokesperson Annemarie Koop said: “The problem is not just the extra expenses. Because parents often work less, there is also less income.”

Education expert José Kuijsters believes the younger generation is not much concerned about money.

“They are no longer used to it because of the affluence of the past 15 years. Their parents and grandparents had to work much harder, this generation is not used to that. Also, many parents find it very difficult to resist the temptations of today’s consumer society.”

Thirteen-year-old solo sailor detained in UK in May
De Volkskrant reports Laura Dekker, the 13-year-old who wants to sail around the world, was detained by the police when she arrived in the British port of Lowestoft in May after crossing the English Channel single-handedly.

Then, the authorities thought it was too dangerous for a 13-year-old to be alone at sea and refused to let her sail back to the Netherlands and called her father.

He initially refused to appear, but changed his mind when the UK authorities placed Dekker in a children’s home. Once there, he decided to ignore the authorities and allowed his daughter to sail back to the Netherlands on her own.

Dekker’s lawyer Peter de Lange said: “Her father initially did not feel like coming to the UK. He did not think there was a problem, and that she could simply sail home.”

De Lange says Dekker’s father’s decision to let her leave against the wishes of the authorities is not a problem. “Is that neglect, or simply knowing your child really well?”

Dekker is fairly unconcerned about it all. She has been sailing solo for years and has been detained on various occasions.”

Radio Netherlands / Georg Schreuder Hes / Expatica

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