Dutch news in brief, Thursday 14 May 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

Young Dutch people can still find work easily
AD reports 40,000 young people could find jobs easily if companies publicised their vacancies properly.

The government set up the Youth Unemployment Taskforce, saying there could soon be as many as 150,000 young people without work unless something is done.
However former taskforce chief Hans de Boer said otherwise.

"These companies don't let on about their vacancies. But if I get on to them, they say they do have a place if I can find them a good young worker," said De Boer who has authored a report aimed at keeping youth unemployment under 100,000.
Deputy PM critical of coalition partner
 Trouw reports Deputy Prime Minister André Rouvoet of the small Christian Union party of questioning the Christian credentials of coalition partner the Christian Democrats (CDA) and accusing its members of playing the populist card.
Rouvoet is angry the CDA MPs joined other parties to vote against the appointment of an Islamic imam as an army chaplain.

"In credible and principled politics, a Christian party should defend with the same vigour and conviction the right of those of other faiths to enjoy the privileges Christians make abundant use of,' he argued.

The MPs eventually voted through the appointment of the Islamic cleric by a tiny majority.
Quality of life projects pointless
 'Nice, that neighbourhood barbeque, but pretty pointless' reports nrc.next.

A report entitled The Benefit on the Street, commissioned by the economic affairs ministry, said the hundreds of millions of euros spent by housing corporations on improving the quality of local people's lives are largely a waste of money.
The neighbourhood initiatives, much touted by the government, are aimed at improving social cohesion, integration, and public security, and at combating nuisance and neighbourhood degeneration.

However, one of the report's authors concludes that "the corporations don't know what they should do to improve the quality of life".

The report is based on comparisons between investments in neighbourhoods and complaints to the police and other indicators of the quality of life in an area.

Local anger at police raids and death jumps
De Telegraaf reports of a drug criminal’s death jump and publishes a picture of paramedics trying to revive a man lying unconscious on the grass under foil blankets.

The man was one of the four of African origin who leapt from various floors of a block of flats in Amsterdam's Bijlmermeer suburb when police raided the building Wednesday. One man died while the others suffered serious injuries.
An enormous amount of hard drugs were seized in the raids and four others were arrested, said authorities.

Criminals, mostly from the Nigerian community, choose to operate in the Bijlmer area of Amsterdam as housing is easily available.
There was local anger targeted at the police following the incident.

"They hunt the men down and then they see no way out other than jumping," complained one resident.

However, another woman ridicules her neighbour's anger saying: "So the police shouldn't be allowed to arrest criminals anymore?"  

Radio Netherlands / Mike Wilcox / Expatica

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