Dutch news in brief, Monday 18 August 2008

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Find out what’s the latest news in the Netherlands in the roundup of today’s press from Radio Netherlands.

18 August 2008

Netherlands’ day of success at the Olympics
De Telegraaf celebrates the Netherlands' success at the Olympics on Sunday as three women’s teams win medals on the water. First Marit van Eupen and Kirsten van der Kolk set the tone by winning gold in the lightweight sculls.

Then the women's eight won silver after a magnificent sprint overtaking the Canadian and Romanian teams just before the finish. And to round off the Yngling women's crew claimed a silver medal in stormy conditions. The day before their final race had been cancelled due to lack of wind.

Individualistic Olympics
De Volkskrant is slightly more cynical with the headline "Opening for opportunism". The paper comments that the overall results have been disappointing. It says there is no such thing as a Dutch Olympic Team, everyone is competing in their own world championships.

As Olympic team manager Charles van Commenée puts it "I don't think (cyclist) Marianne Vos would be upset if Imke Schellekens' horse becomes lame." The paper says expectations are much higher since the success at the Sydney Olympics and athletes have to pay back the investment with medals.

Non-resuscitation policy for over 70s
According to AD the Lower House has demanded an explanation from Health Minister Ad Klink on the news that a home for the elderly has introduced a policy not to resuscitate its residents over 70 years old, unless they have specifically specified otherwise.

Many coalition and opposition parties find the policy unacceptable. Christian Democrat MP Ans Willemse calls it "serious age discrimination which has to be brought to an end as quickly as possible".

De Volkskrant reports that although the other two coalition parties are shocked by the news, the Christian Union thinks it is good for homes to have their own policy.

The old age people's home concerned points out the policy was introduced in consultation with the residents' council based on medical evidence that the quality of life deteriorates substantially after resuscitation in the over-70s. However, the manager admits the decision was communicated badly.

Green Left split over Wijnand Duyvendak’s resignation
De Volkskrant and Trouw report on a split in the Green Left party after MP Wijnand Duyvendak was forced to resign last week due to revelations of his activist past. Euro MP Joost Langendijk has led the criticism on party leader Femke Halsema, calling her reaction "panicky".

A poll among Green Left voters shows a fifty-fifty split in opinion on whether or not he should have resigned.

On a talk show on Friday the Green Left leader said, "Actions which undermine democracy will never be supported or accepted by the party."

But in her weblog, Halsema's view is somewhat milder, "Non-violent civil disobedience is alright, as long as activists are open about it."

In a new development Trouw reports that a columnist who called on his readers to burn down Halsema's house, has been sacked as rail consumer spokesperson and Labour party columnist. It appears as far as activism is concerned politicians live in glass houses.

Immigration leak
NRC.Next uncovers a legal loophole concerning the immigration of brides from abroad.

Many wives from countries outside the European Union are bypassing Dutch legislation by spending three months living with their spouses in Germany or Belgium.

In what has become known as the German or Belgium route, the groom moves to a town just over the border and has the bride join him. Legislation in other European countries on import brides is less strict.

The "immigration leak" means couples avoid paying more than EUR 1,000 on a resident's permit and citizenship's exam.

Meanwhile the paper reports courts in Amsterdam and Roermond have ruled that Dutch Law does not allow the government to demand immigrants pass a citizenship exam abroad and that people of non-EU origin have to earn at least 120 percent of the minimum wage to bring an import bride or groom into the country.

Having fun at Lowlands
Trouw prints photos of various festival goers at the 16th edition of Lowlands in Biddinghuizen. The paper describes the three-day festival as a colourful cacophony of music, theatre, dance and comedy with just as colourful visitors.

The programme included both old and new bands of all genres, but there was also room for authors who read from their own work and ballet and classical music. It seems not everybody was pleased with their venue.

The papers quotes "punk dinosaur" Johnny Rotten who performed with the legendary Sex Pistols, "Are we in a tent because we are the circus animals?"  
The music can be heard from afar. The centre pages of NRC.Next shows a girl with green earplugs taking a power nap in the grass.

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