Dutch news in brief, Monday 11 May 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

Queen Beatrix’s popularity rises
Queen Beatrix is "back among her people" is the headline in Trouw.

The Queen is pictured holding a piece of artwork which has broken off in her hand and laughing with local residents.

There had been fears following the Queen’s Day attack that Queen Beatrix might not open the biennial Open Source Art manifestation in south-east Amsterdam.
However, Queen Beatrix graced the event amid strict security measures in place as she viewed 16 works of art located in the open air between two metro stations.

According to a poll reported in De Telegraaf, Queen Beatrix’s popularity ratings have shot up since the Queen’s Day parade ended in tragedy when a black car careered into a crowd of spectators, killing eight people, and narrowly missed an open top bus carrying the royal family.

Earlier, 27 percent of Dutch people wanted Queen Beatrix as their head of state while 52 percent preferred the crown-prince Willem Alexander.

Now the tables have turned and 43 percent are in favour of the queen remaining in office compared to 29 percent for the crown prince. Princess Máxima, however, beats both the queen and crown prince hands down.
Eurovision contestant threatens to boycott final
Dutch Eurovision Song Festival contestant Gordon said he will boycott the event in Moscow if the Russian authorities use violence to clamp down on a gay rights demonstration on Saturday.

"If people are molested because of their sexual orientation, I’ll take the first plane home," Gordon was quoted as saying in the AD.

 The other two singers in the Toppers trio, a threesome of well-known Dutch solo artists, say they will see what happens before they decide what to do.

Whether or not the Toppers will make Saturday's final will be decided in Thursday’s semi finals.

Bookmakers don’t give the Dutch contestants much chance in spite of an unprecedented marketing campaign. But Gordon remains positive that the trio is in with a chance in the 54th edition of the festival, but admits it is a lottery. One thing is for certain; the trio will bring plenty of glitz and glamour to the event with their number Shine.
Trial on TV presenter Sylvia Millecam's death opens
The trial revolving around the death of actress and TV presenter Sylvia Millecam and medium Jomanda begin Monday.

Jomanda, who convinced the celebrity she was not suffering from cancer and did not need to see a doctor, is charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

The celebrity died of untreated breast cancer in 2001.

The question raised in the trial is if the decision not to seek regular medical treatment was Millicam’s own decision.

Millicam’s family are in no doubt on the matter. They have written an open letter to Queen Beatrix, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Health Minister Ab Klink saying they are appalled by the way Sylvia Millicam's choice for alternative treatment is not being respected.

The case was originally dropped, but the Scepticism Foundation and the Association against Quackery refused to leave it at that.

The medium, who is currently in Canada, will not be attending today's hearing in person as she has a foreboding about the timing of the trial, and believes it would not be safe for her to travel to Amsterdam.

Medium Jomanda said she had predicted problems on Queen’s Day.

Trouw reports the judges read two books to gain an insight into the medium’s way of thinking.

"She knew I couldn’t help her, but Syl could not be influenced," wrote Jomanda in one of her books.

Cannabis Liberation Day held in Amsterdam
De Volkskrant prints a photo of the Cannabis Liberation Day attended by some 500 to 1000 people Saturday on Amsterdam’s Museum Square on its front page.

Two laid back "demonstrators" are juggling and tossing a diabolo in front of a hippie van on the square while others sit around and watch.

The demonstration was part of part of the Global Marijuana March held for the 10th time in more than 100 cities throughout the world.  

The organisers, the Association for the Lifting of a Ban on Cannabis and the Cannabis Retailers Association, are calling on the government "to stop treating coffeeshops like the enemy" and end the criminalisation of the soft drug.

Cannabis can be sold to individuals in coffeeshops in the Netherlands, but the coffee shops have to buy the drug illegally.
Coffeeshops located near schools has recently been shut down following the introduction of a new legislation.

Radio Netherlands / Nicola Chadwick  / Expatica

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