Dutch news in brief, 9 December 2004

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Teen held over teacher's stabbing

Teen held over teacher's stabbing 

A 16-year-old boy was arrested on Wednesday for stabbing a teacher with a screwdriver and threatening to kill him. The teenager is the boyfriend of a girl attending a school in Oud-Beijerland, near Dordrecht. The girl had been playing truant and was waiting at a counter to explain her actions. Her boyfriend, news agency ANP reported, became violent when asked to turn off his mobile phone. He managed to stab the teacher, 59, before being overpowered.

Speeding fines scrapped

The Public Prosecutor (OM) has agreed to tear up most of the thousands of speeding fines issued from Saturday to Monday to motorists on a slippery portion of the A16. Justice officials conceded that there was only one sign to warn drivers the speed limit had been temporarily reduced to 70kmh due to the hazardous surface. Motoring organisation ANWB had called on Wednesday for the fines issued on the A13 and A16 near Rotterdam to be scrapped.

Doctors expand protest

Family doctors in The Hague and surrounding regions will begin a protest campaign on Monday against a government's plan to increase the number of their patients. The doctors' association LHV said on Thursday that its members around The Hague will speed up their examinations of patients and more quickly refer patients to hospital. The LHV said the protest was necessary to prevent a decline in the quality of healthcare provided by family doctors. The government wants doctors to increase their patient numbers from 2,500 to 3,000 each. Doctors in the Twente region launched the protest recently, but the campaign will take greater hold across the country starting from next week.

Four RSF activists held at Chinese protest

Four activists with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) where briefly arrested in The Hague on 8 December after displaying mock "detour" road signs during a visit by Chinese officials, according to the organisation International Freedom of Expression. The Chinese delegation was in The Hague to attend the European Union (EU)-China summit. RSF wanted to draw attention to the lack of press freedom in China.

These toilets are only for show

Furniture giant Ikea has sealed off the toilets in its showrooms to prevent shoppers trying them out for real. A spokesperson for the Swedish superstore told newspaper De Telegraaf that some customers who find themselves in a pressing need ignore the fact the toilets are not connected to the sewerage system. See-through barriers have been erected around the showroom models in the Netherlands and at its other stores around the world to prevent customers using them to answer a call of nature.

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