Dutch news in brief – 7 July 2004

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Dutchman boarded plane without ticket

Dutchman boarded plane without ticket

A Dutchman managed to board a plane without a ticket at the Dusseldorf airport in Germany on Tuesday night. He was only detained when he exited the plane. The man was saying goodbye at the airport to his wife and children, who were flying with Turkish Airlines to Ankara. The woman had her arm in a bandage and the man thus escorted her to the departure gate, but had no permission to do so. Staff then allowed the man through to the plane, where he helped his wife and children on board. He then tried to exit the plane, at which time staff discovered he did not have a ticket. The pilot alerted police, who searched the plane for explosives. After giving the plane the all clear, police released the man. The 157 passengers encountered a three-hour delay.

Stable number of Dutch holiday makers expected

The Dutch travel sector is expecting the same amount of holiday makers in the Netherlands this summer compared with 2003. Camping sites are extremely positive about the number of bookings, but a large number of hotels and bungalow parks expected fewer numbers this year. The Dutch Bureau for Tourism and Congresses (NBTC) expects 6 million holiday makers in the Netherlands this summer, about 3.6 million of whom are Dutch nationals holiday at domestic locations. The remaining 2.5 million are foreigners holidaying in the Lowlands. About 6 million people holidayed in the Netherlands in July and August last year.

Minister scraps plan to increase scooter minimum age

Transport Minister Karla Peijs has scrapped her plans to increase the minimum age youths can ride a scooter from 16 to 17. The Cabinet will discuss on Friday a series of proposals aimed at reducing the number of road fatalities among scooter riders and Peijs was originally planning to increase the minimum age. But instead of a higher minimum age, youth will be required to obtain a licence before being allowed to ride scooters (known as brommers in Dutch).

Refugees 'cast aside by integration policy'

Refugees in the Netherlands are not given sufficient chances to integrate and form a separate group within the community, the Dutch Refugee Council (VluchtelingenWerk Nederland) has claimed. The council has accused Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk from failing to take into account in her integration policies the exceptional position that asylum seekers occupy compared with other new immigrants. It has issued a memorandum of recommendations to Verdonk to improve the integration of refugees into Dutch society.

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