Dutch news in brief, 6 June 2005

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Muslims refused entry to Israel

Muslims refused entry to Israel

Two Dutch Muslims have been refused entrance to Israel. After undergoing several hours of questioning at Tel Aviv airport, they were put on a flight back to the Netherlands. One of the men was Mohammed Cheppih, who was tipped to become the president of the Dutch branch of the Arab European League two years ago, but withdrew at the last minute. Four other people travelling with the two men were allowed to enter Israel. They are there to launch a website aimed at prompting the Palestinian cause to young Dutch people.

Electronic ticketing problems persist

The introduction of the electronic ticketing system on Dutch public transport is proving troublesome due to continuing technical problems. It means that Transport Minister Karla Peijs will delay her decision on the definitive introduction of the OV-chipkaart. It is hoped the chipkaart (chip card) can replace the paper tickets from 2007. A trial of the new system in Rotterdam was postponed from April until the summer, but technical problems persist, Peijs told MPs on Monday.

Vandals strike at graves

Vandals have destroyed 29 grave stones at a cemetery in the Limburg town of Panningen.  Police said the stone or the wooden cross on most of the graves had been knocked over, but the extent of the damages is not known. Broadcaster L1 said the vandalism took place between Saturday and Monday morning. It said 10 grave stones and a wooden cross were broken. The cemetery, located on the Kerkstraat, is surrounded by a wall and can be closed off by a gate.

Two killed in 'ghost rider' accident

A 'ghost rider' caused a fatal accident on the A50 motorway at Uden on Sunday night. Driving her car on the wrong side of the motorway, the 77-year-old woman from Ooijen was killed when she collided with two other vehicles. A 44-year-old Veghel woman who was driving one of the other cars died of her injuries in hospital several hours later. The female driver of the third car was unhurt, but her pregnant passenger was taken to hospital for observation.

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