Dutch news in brief, 6 July 2006

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Paedophile party faces legal fight

Paedophile party faces legal fight

Paedophile party PNVD has expressed confidence it will defeat an attempt to have it banned. The Soelaas Foundation, which investigates paedophiles in the Netherlands, is to ask a court in The Hague on Friday to outlaw the party. PNVD co-founder Marthijn Uittenbogaard said the party would win the case because it is not doing anything illegal.

Experts seek review of vote computers

A group of experts is campaigning for a review of the results produced by the vote computers that are replacing the red pencil in Dutch elections. The 'Bezorgde Burgercoalitie' (Concerned Citizens Coalition) was formed by XS4all founder Rop Gonggrijp, a software writer from TU Delft, programmers and PC experts. It wants a paper receipt for each vote cast to test the accuracy of the machines. The general election is on 22 November.

Hells Angels want graves opened

Lawyers for the 14 Dutch Hells Angels convicted of killing three of their club mates have asked a court to order the re-opening of the victims' graves. They want to establish whether the guns used in the killings were buried with the victims, as a prosecution witness claimed. It will cast doubt on the witness's reliability if the weapons are not in the graves, the lawyers contend.

'Mystery man' moved to specialist unit

The unidentified patient who has not said a word since being admitted to Radboud Hospital in May has been moved to another medical centre. Radboud said the man is now in a specialist unit but declined to give its name due to privacy concerns. Police have checked out 27 leads about the man's identity without success. He is believed to have suffered brain damage from a head injury.

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