Dutch news in brief, 6 December 2005

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Fire officers in wild-cat strikes

Fire officers in wild-cat strikes

Fire Department officers in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Maastricht carried out wild-cat  strikes on Tuesday to protest the increase in the minimum retirement age. The trade unions did not support the actions. In Amsterdam, only 125 officers were on duty as the rest called in sick. About 80 officers declared themselves sick in Rotterdam, and the majority of personnel in Maastricht did the same. Currently Fire Department personnel can retire at 55 because of the heavy nature of the work. City councils want to increase the minimum retirement age, making it potentially as high as 65.

Escapee detained in Amsterdam

The convicted sex offender who escaped on Saturday was recaptured in Amsterdam on Tuesday. Gerard B., 46, was arrested at Centraal Station after he allegedly tried to break into a home in the city. B., who is undergoing compulsory TBS psychiatric treatment ran from his guards on Saturday while out walking in Eindhoven on Saturday.

Colonial maps on the internet

One of the largest collections of vintage maps of the former Dutch colonies will be available on the internet from next Tuesday, the royal tropical institute in Amsterdam announced. The collection of land and sea charts covers Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and former possessions in India.

Ratelband: '9/11 was justified'

Dutch positive-thinking guru Emile Ratelband has said that the 11 September attacks on the US in 2001 were justified. Writing in the December issue of the magazine 'X[ist] in Christ', Ratelband said: We have ourselves to blame that people flew into the Twin Towers". Osama bin Laden, the guru wrote, had demanded three things: the West stop supporting Israel's occupation of Palestine; the withdrawal of US forces from Saudi Arabia and respect for Islam. "These were realisable aims. Therefore I think that his action was justified," Ratelband - no stranger to controversy - wrote.

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