Dutch news in brief, 31 January 2006

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PM calls Verdonk's Antillean plan 'distressing'

PM calls Verdonk's Antillean plan 'distressing'

Etienne Ys, the caretaker prime minister in the Netherlands Antilles, has said the plan by Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk to send young Antillean criminals back to the Caribbean as depressing. Verdonk published a draft of the proposal on Saturday. If enacted it would give the Netherlands the power to deport young newcomers from the Antilles or Aruba if they committed serious offences within two years of arriving in the Netherlands. The sort of crime covered by the legislation includes drugs and violence. The proposal also raises the option of sending back young people, aged 16 to 24, who have no prospect of finding work and have been in the Netherlands for less than three years. Both the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Balkenende against cutting aid to Palestinians

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende rejected a call  on Tuesday for an immediate halt of financial aid to the Palestinian authority. Conservative MP Geert Wilders asked him to cut off the money in response to the election victory of the militant Hamas movement. Balkenende said he feared doing so now would have "undesirable effects". He said he would wait until the Palestinian government was formed. But he warned the Netherlands would not do business with a government that st rived for the destruction of Israel.

Oldest Dutch person turns 111

The oldest person in the Netherlands, Alexandrina van Donkelaar-Vink, from Bunnik celebrates her 111th birthday on Tuesday. Her son said she is doing well, given her age and fragile health. She is to celebrate with friends at the Bunninchem rest home where she lives. Van Donkelaar-Vink became the oldest Dutch person in August last year with the passing of 115-year-old Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper.The oldest man in the Netherlands is 106 and lives in Haarlem.

Large gas find in Groningen

Natural gas company NAM has discovered a large gas field near the town of Lauwerzijl in the Netherlands. The field contains almost a billion cubic metres of gas and is sufficient to keep the nearby city of Groningen supplied with gas for four years, a spokesperson for NAM said. NAM is jointly owned by Shell and ExxonMobil.

Chlorine leak in Weert

An unknown amount of chlorine escaped from the Bredox chemical plant at Weert on Monday evening, the Fire Department said. The immediate area was sealed off as experts attempted to measure the extent of the leak. 

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