Dutch news in brief, 30 November 2004

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50 tips after broadcast of suspect's photo

50 tips after broadcast of suspect's photo

Police have received about 50 tips since the photo of Theo Van Gogh murder suspect Mohammed B. was broadcast on public television on Monday night. But the public prosecutor could not immediately confirm if the tips were useful. The landmark publication of a crime suspect's photo on television was designed to assist police to learn more about B.'s movements before the murder and his alleged links to suspected Islamic militants.

Man jailed on appeal for Campina blackmail

Arnhem Appeals Court sentenced a 47-year-old man to 10 years jail for blackmailing dairy company Campina and attempted murder. The man, F. van L., of Turnhout in Belgium, mixed poison into dairy desserts and placed them back on supermarket shelves in a bid to extort EUR 50,000 from Campina. At least four people became ill after eating the poisoned products. He was arrested after trying to withdraw the paid blackmail money.

Naked man arrested for unwanted intimacy

Police have arrested a 35-year-old German man in Maastricht for allegedly creeping naked into a city hotel and fondled several female guests as they were sleeping. The incidents took place on Saturday night. One of the women awoke startled and her boyfriend switched on a light. He saw the man crawling naked across the floor. Having managed to escape, the man was found a short time lying naked next to another woman. Hotel staff detained him until police arrived. It is not known how the man obtained the keys to the hotel rooms.

City orders removal of giant condom

Nijmegen Council ordered the removal on Monday of a giant condom that had been placed over a city monument at the weekend. The condom is believed to have been placed over the upright pillar by someone wanting to draw attention to World Aids Day on Wednesday. A red ribbon — the international symbol for the campaign against AIDS — was attached to the condom. Despite admitting the culprit's actions were playful, the council decided against allowing the condom to remain because it had been placed over the monument without the necessary permit.

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