Dutch news in brief, 30 March 2005

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Nicotine used to kill poultry parasites

Nicotine used to kill poultry parasites

The Agriculture Ministry's inspection service AID has launched an investigation into the illegal use of nicotine in the poultry industry. The inquiry comes after three poultry farms were caught using the substance to combat parasites. The use of the poison is illegal. A cleaning and disinfection company is accused of playing an important role in the supply of the substance. The AID seized 110lr of nicotine at the company last month. It is not yet known whether the use of nicotine has consequences for chicken products and eggs.

ROCs retain integration courses — for now

The Cabinet has decided to postpone the liberalisation of the market for integration courses until 1 March 2006, Education State Secretary Mark Rutte said on Wednesday. Regional Training Centres (ROCs) offer integration courses, but the cabinet wants to open the market up to other companies. But the cabinet is concerned for the impact this will have on the sector and is investigating a solution together with ROCs. A thousand job losses are feared when the market is liberalised.

Wage rises of just 1pc in 2005

A small wage rise has been forecast for this year. A large number of companies are offering wage rises, but are expected to stay under the allowed maximum. Research centre Hay Group said the combined wage rise will be 1 percent this year compared with the maximum agreed on by the government, unions and employers of 1.25 percent. The wage rises are smaller than previous years.

Stench gives drug smuggler away

The smell of rotting onions has given a would-be drugs runner away. The smell was so fierce that train personnel informed police about a passenger's suitcase. A subsequent inspection found 10kg of hash inside the suitcase, the national police force KLPD said on Wednesday. The man, a 38-year-old German, was arrested on Easter Monday on board an ICE train to Germany. The man, from Esslingen, was planning to sell the drugs in Stuttgart for EUR 300 and methadone. The rotting onions were designed to disguise the smell of the hash.

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