Dutch news in brief, 3 July 2006

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Consumers throw away EUR 2.1bn in food

Consumers throw away EUR 2.1bn in food

Dutch consumers throw a total of EUR 2.1 billion worth of food into the garbage every year, according to officials at the Ministry of Agriculture. Noting most people agree disposing of food in this way is not 'ethical', the Ministry said both consumers and the food industry have to work together to tackle the waste.

Tax office deals with 6m assessments

The Tax Office (Belastingdienst) posted 6.7 million assessments for 2005 before 1 July. This is considerably better than its performance at this time last year when it sent off 5 million, a spokesperson said. Most of the cases this year involve repayments. In total 5.7 million people paid too much preliminary tax in 2005. The Tax Office received over 7.7 million assessments for 2005.

Police examine 'Radboud man' tips

Police in Nijmegen are reviewing the 53 tips received so far from the public in relation to the unidentified man in Radboud hospital. The man, of Asiatic appearance, has not said a word since he was admitted with a head injury two months ago. All attempts to communicate with him have failed.

Boy, 11, dies in swimming pool

A boy, 11, died in swimming pool 'De Watertoren' in Egmond aan Zee on Sunday. Police say the victim from Alkmaar went to the pool with some friends. It was noticed he was missing at some stage and he was found lying at the bottom of the pool. Attempts to revive him failed. He had a swimming diploma.

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