Dutch news in brief, 3 December 2004

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Higher jail terms for Maja's murder

Higher jail terms for Maja's murder

Arnhem Appeals Court sentenced Goran M., 19, to 10 years jail and TBS psychiatric detention on Friday for the murder of Nijmegen schoolgirl Maja Bradaric in November 2003. Co-accused Goran P., 17, was sentenced to five years jail. Maja, 16, was strangled to death in the back of a car and her body was dumped and set alight near the eastern city of Nijmegen. M. had been sentenced in the original trial to eight years jail and TBS. P. received a three year jail term, six months of which were suspended. The third co-accused, Ferdi O., is still to face his appeal hearing.

Drug use declines in Amsterdam night life

Fewer party goers in Amsterdam are using drugs, new research from addiction care and prevention unit Jellinek Preventie indicated on Friday. It is the fifth year in succession that number of people using cannabis, ecstasy or cocaine has declined. In 1998, 27 percent of party goers used ecstasy compared with 8 percent in 2003. Cocaine use has declined from 10 to 3 percent and 19 percent of night clubbers smoke a joint compared with 28 percent five years ago.

Man jailed for railway suicide threat

A court in The Hague sentenced a man to three months jail on Friday for an incident on 14 September at the city's central railway station in which he threatened to set himself alight. The public prosecutor (OM) had demanded a 12-month jail term. The train station was evacuated after the man doused himself in petrol and threatened to set himself on fire with a lighter.  But the court ruled that the man was not guilty of arson. The man was protesting against the fact he was not allowed access to his son and he assured the court he had not intended to burn himself.

Half of Dutch still celebrate Sinterklaas

About 50 percent of the Dutch public will celebrate Sinterklaas on Sunday 5 December, a figure that has remained relatively stable in the past five years, research from TNS Nipo indicated on Friday. But eight percent of respondents said they did not wish to celebrate the event on the Lord's Day, with two-thirds preferring to give their presents on Saturday. The research indicated that people will spend slightly more this year than in the past. Instead of last year's average of EUR 120, Dutch people will spend EUR 130 this year.

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