Dutch news in brief, 29 November 2005

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Police put wanted list on the internet

Police put wanted list on the internet

The Amsterdam-Amstelland police force is to take to the internet to help track down persistent troublemakers. From Tuesday, photos of 10 suspects will be featured on the police website. The police stressed this would not be a "most wanted" list of murderers - the new initiative focuses on suspected car thieves, shop lifters and people involved in public order offences.

Houses still without heating

Some 5,000 homes in Tilburg were still without warm water and heating on Tuesday evening. A break in the mains supply from utility company Essent on Monday originally affected 40,000 homes. Repair teams worked through the night to fix the problem. Priority was given to care homes. Repairs on the link to north and central Tilburg proved more difficult than anticipated.

Teen steals bus, three times

A 15-year-old boy stole a bus in Apeldoorn on Monday and and drove it to Doetinchem. Once he reached his destination, he abandoned the vehicle and stole another that he drove to Arnhem. During this journey he allowed passengers to board the bus and get off at their stops. The teen's career as a bus driver came to an end on Tuesday when he was caught in another stolen bus. The police took him in for questioning.

Roof collapses investigated

Inspectors of the Ministry of Environment and municipal councils have launched an investigation to establish why roofs collapsed due to the snow on Friday. Several roofs gave way and many others were damaged due to a thick covering of snow. However, the amount of snow was far less than the amount the roofs were supposedly designed to support. The investigators will advice whether the standards need to be revised.

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