Dutch news in brief, 28 October 2004

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Media lashed for pessimism over integration

Media lashed for pessimism over integration

Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk has lashed out at media claims her attempts to force immigrants to integrate will fail. Verdonk said she has been "working like mad" to compel half a million immigrants to learn Dutch and yet there were constant reports in the newspapers that her efforts would not work. Verdonk indicated that she would not be swayed by the pessimistic assessments and she would persevere with her plans.

Man held for robbing seniors

Rotterdam police have arrested a man, 43, for a string of 18 robberies. He is due to appear in court on Friday, news agency ANP reported. The suspect is accused of targeting very elderly ladies who use a rollator walking aid to get around.

Rotterdam to open prostitute hotel

The first hostel for women prostitutes who ply their trade on the Keileweg in Rotterdam is to open in December. A second is due to open before the end of the year, followed by another eight next year, the city's council said on Thursday. The care centres are intended to provide shelter, counselling and life skill courses to the 150 drug addicts working in the Keileweg red light zone which is being shut down next year.

Hirsi Ali wins emancipation prize

MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been awarded the annual Harriët Freezer emancipation prize for her campaigning on behalf of Muslim women, magazine Opzij said Thursday. Hirsi Ali has received several death threats due to her criticism of the Koran for what she says is its support for violence against women. A man was jailed earlier this week for threatening her life on the internet following the screening of the film "Submission". The MP wrote the script for the short dramatised film which features women in see-though veils describing violence inflicted on Muslim women by male relatives. 

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