Dutch news in brief - 28 June 2004

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Muslims concerned over negative image

Muslims concerned over negative image

Islamic organisations in the Netherlands have expressed shock and concern at research indicating that despite the fact 67 percent of Dutch people do not know a Muslim person, one third of the native population has a negative image of Muslims. The figures from research bureau TNS NIPO demonstrate the huge gulf that exists between Muslims and other Dutch residents. The research indicated that just 14 percent of Dutch people have a positive opinion of Muslims and one out of six feels threatened by Muslims. A total of 813 native Dutch aged 16 or more took part in the survey.

Police inquiries start into Kerkrade truck accident

Police started technical investigation on Monday into the cause of the Kerkrade truck accident and resulting fire which claimed the lives of a confirmed three people last week. A truck smashed into a supermarket at about midday on Friday, killing the 41-year-old driver of Bad Salzuflen in Germany. Two supermarket employees were also killed. It was initially feared that five people had been killed, but that was gradually reduced throughout Friday.  The supermarket remains sealed off, but the adjacent street has been reopened. The Kerkrade Council is investigating internally whether trucks should be diverted around the steep incline that ends in a T-intersection where the accident occurred.

Advocaat hints he will quit as Dutch coach

Whether the Netherlands wins the Euro 2004 championship or not, national team coach Dick Advocaat has hinted he will probably resign. Prior to the start of official preparations for the semi-final against Portugal on Wednesday, Advocaat hinted on Monday that he was no longer interested in remaining as the Dutch soccer coach up to and during the World Cup in 2006. He applauded his players and how they had grown together as a team, but denounced the sharp criticism that had previously been directed at him when the Netherlands was in danger of elimination from the European Championship. "Bad is bad and everyone may have criticism. But there were also borders stepped over. I must also go back to the Netherlands. Apparently, not everyone realised that. In regards this, I am (thus) happy that we have still made the semi-finals," he said.

Minister aims to drastically cut road deaths

Transport Minister Karla Peijs wants to reduce the annual number of road deaths to 640 over the next fifteen years, compared with the almost 1,100 deaths that occurred on Dutch roads in 2003. The minister will unveil the measures she hopes will drastically reduce road deaths to the Dutch Parliament in Autumn, Radio Netherlands reported. In the meantime, Peijs will discuss the measures with European colleagues.

Dutch ranked 5th in porn

The Dutch have a certain reputation for sex and new research indicates that the Netherlands is placed fifth on a list of 100 nations ranked according to the number of pornographic websites it has. The Netherlands has 1,883,000 sex websites, compared with Germany which was ranked first with about 10 million websites. In total, Secure Computing counted 46 million sex sites in the 100 lands studied (excluding the US), most of which were found in Europe and the Pacific (the island of Niue in particular). In the Arab world, sex sites were only found in Libya. The top 10 is: Germany (10,030,200), Britain (8,506,800), Australia (5,655,800), Niue (2,947,800), Japan (2,700,800), the Netherlands (1,883,800), Russia (1,080,600), Poland (1,049,600), Spain (852,800) and Tonga (848,800).

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