Dutch news in brief, 28 January 2005

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Record number of Dutch in foreign jails

Record number of Dutch in foreign jails

There has never been as many Dutch nationals in foreign jails before and the numbers continue to increase, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said. Most of the Dutch detainees are being held on drugs charges, with many of them in European jails. The number of Dutch nationals being held in Asia is declining, possibly due to stories about the poor conditions in the jails there, RTL News reported. It could also be that the drug trade in Europe is more lucrative. At present there are 2,352 Dutch nationals in foreign jails, compared with 2,144 in June last year.

Dutch soldiers justified in killing Iraqi

The Dutch soldiers who shot and killed an Iraqi civilian on 19 January acted appropriately and with a proportional amount of force, the public prosecutor has said. The soldiers will not be prosecuted for the incident. The Iraqi man was driving in a civilian vehicle which ignored a stop signal at a Dutch security checkpoint about 40km north of the city Salman in the south of Iraq. The vehicle did not stop after Dutch troops fired warning shots and the soldiers then fired at the vehicle, killing the Iraqi man.

Rappers convicted over threats

The two rappers who threatened MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a song last year were sentenced by a court in The Hague on Thursday to a two-month suspended jail term and a 150-hour work order. The so-called "dis" by rap band DHC (Den Haag Connection) circulated on the internet last year and suggested the rappers were planning Hirsi Ali's murder by slicing her into pieces. The defendants claimed the song was a form of artistic expression, but the prosecution said on 13 January that the song breached tolerated freedom of speech regulations and the court agreed.

Café murder suspect freed

The man arrested on suspicion he killed a 54-year-old café manager in Leeuwarden was released on Thursday night, but remains a suspect in the case. The public prosecutor had insufficient evidence to warrant his continued detention, news agency ANP reported. The café boss was stabbed to death on the night of 17 January and the suspect is a relative of the victim. A café patron, 46, was also injured in the suspected robbery attempt at café Nijlân.

Iraqis cheered as voting starts

Iraqi nationals were greeted with cheers when voting booths opened in the Netherlands on Friday. NO problems were reported at the heavily-secured polling booths in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zwolle. A total of 14,725 Iraqis have registered to vote in the Netherlands and booths will remain open until Sunday. The elections for a new Iraqi Transitional National Assembly are the first democratic elections in that country for almost 50 years. About 280,000 Iraqis in 14 countries are eligible to take part in the election.

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