Dutch news in brief, 28 April 2006

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Labour's reform plans draw fire

Labour's reform plans draw fire

Labour Party leader Wouter Bos has drawn criticism from both labour unions and government parties for his plans on reforming the welfare state. Bos proposes longer working before retirement' scaling back the protection against being fired; and restricting access of the higher paid to mortgage tax relief, the State pension and student grants. At the same time he wants more money for education, childcare and the creation of low-paying jobs. He outlined his ideas to economists during a meeting in The Hague about the greying of the population. The trade unions attacked Bos as old fashioned in his thinking and the Liberals accused him of being envious of people who do well for themselves.

Crime reporter re-examines JKF killing

Dutch television crime reporter Peter R. de Vries is to re-examine the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in a special programme on 2 May. More than 40 years on, De Vries will question the surviving witnesses try to answer the question millions of people have asked since the shocking event on 22 November 1963: did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone or was there a conspiracy? The programme, in Dutch, begins at 8.30pm on SBS 6. There will be a break from 10.30pm to 22.50pm for news and weather.

Health premium: it won't hurt much  

The premium for the basic health insurance package introduced in January will not rise sharply in the coming years, Chairman Frank de Grave of the new healthcare watchdog Zorgautoriteit said on Friday. Although the Central Plan Bureau has predicted the premium will rise by 10 percent next year, De Grave said insurance companies would keep their premiums low in order to compete for customers.

3,500 make honours list

A total of 3,514 people made the annual honours list to mark Queen's Day. This is 236 more than last year. The majority (3,274) was recognised by the Queen for charity work, while the rest were Dutch or foreign celebrities. Asterix cartoonist Albert Uderzo Ridder became a member of the Order of the Dutch Lion. Dutchman Ben Verwaaijen, CEO of BT, became an officer of the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

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