Dutch news in brief, 27 May 2005

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Dad stabbed defending bullied son

Dad stabbed defending bullied son

A father was stabbed in Rotterdam on Thursday night after he went to help his son who was being bullied by a group of youths. The man's son has learning difficulties. The 47-year-old Rotterdam man was stabbed with a knife when he tried to intervene in the bullying. The man was still in hospital on Friday, but the seriousness of his injuries has not been disclosed. A 17-year-old Rotterdam boy has reported to police. The incident took place in the Spangen city district.

Fun fair operators 'tortured workers'

Two Roermond fun fair operators who were arrested in their caravan in March allegedly tortured two young male employees for more than two years. In one of the incidents, a victim was allegedly tied to a tree with a bag over his head and forced to sniff an arousal stimulant, after which a lighted cigar was pressed against his penis. The torture allegedly took place between August 2002 and December 2004. The now 23-year-old men claim to have been regularly beaten with wood and metal objects, chained in a car boot while being transported around or threatened. Michel P., 47, and Donny L., 49, will appear in court on 9 June.

Man's final act saves grandson

A 76-year-old man of Wijchen was killed on Thursday night when he was struck by a train at a rail crossing in Europoort. Moments before the man was killed, he pushed his 18-year-old grandson out of the way of the train. The victim was en route with his grandson, of Volkel, to Rotterdam Airport when their car broke down. Both men had briefly walked away from the car and didn't see the train when they returned. Police said on Friday the grandfather could not have avoided being hit by the train and died at the scene.

Warning over 'lust hairdresser'

Women in the district of Emmerhout in Emmen have been warned about the reappearance of a 'lust hairdresser'. The man tries to convince women with long hair to have him cut their hair, pretending he works with a hairdressing salon. He leaves notes under the windscreen wipers of parked cars or telephones prospective women. Police said the man has been regularly active since 1995, but it is difficult to stop him because he does not commit any criminal offences, despite his obsession. Police are warning women about his services, partly due to his poor hairdressing skills.

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