Dutch news in brief, 27 July 2004

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Dutch to test nutrition to combat prison violence

Dutch to test nutrition to combat prison violence

The Justice Ministry has announced plans to test the theory that prisoners become less aggressive is they are given dietary supplements. The use of supplements in British prisons appears to have led to a radical fall in the number if violent incidents. Inmates were given extra vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.
The Dutch trial investigating the link between nutrition and aggressive behaviour will need the participation of 400 prisoners selected on a voluntary basis, radio Netherlands reported.

ANWB warns of holiday road delays

Dutch motorists association ANWB warned holiday makers to expect long traffic delays in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland this weekend. The ANWB urged motorists to avoid these countries on Saturday as France and parts of Germany head into the holiday period.

Asylum seeker requests continue to fall

The number of asylum seekers that applied for asylum in the Netherlands fell to 2,889 in the first six months of this year, compared with about 4,000 in the same period last year, Dutch public news service NOS reported. Since the introduction of stricter immigration laws in 2001, the number of asylum seekers has continued to decline from the 43,560 applications were lodged in the 12 months of 2000.

Motorcyclist hit speeds of 240kmh

Police are looking for a motorbike rider observed speeding at 240kmh on the A28 motorway near Zeist on Monday night. The motorcyclist also allegedly rode in the emergency stopping lane. A police officer who set out in pursuit of the speedster abandoned the chase when the risks became too great. Police later searched for the man at his home address to no avail, but a spokesman said police expect to arrest the man at some stage.
Man dies in drug smuggling attempt

A Belgian man has died in Peru in an attempt to smuggle 150 capsules of cocaine into the Netherlands, it was reported on Tuesday. Police said that Salvatore Ruzagilizia, 25, was found in a Lima hotel suffering from stomach pains. He had swallowed 80 capsules of cocaine and intended to swallow another 70, before flying to the Netherlands. He was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. At least one of the capsules had burst inside him.
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