Dutch news in brief, 22 June 2006

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Taylor trial set for January 2007

Taylor trial set for January 2007

The trial of Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is likely to be ready to begin in the Netherlands on 1 January 2007. Taylor was flown in from Sierra Leone on Tuesday and is being held at the UN cell complex at Scheveningen near The Hague. The Special Court for Sierra Leone has charged Taylor with war crimes during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The case was moved to The Hague on security grounds. If convicted, Taylor will serve his prison sentence in the UK.   

Consumers go on a spending spree

Consumer spending in the Netherlands rose by 4 percent in the period of one year, according to figures published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on Thursday. It is the biggest increase in four years. More money was spent on clothes, furniture and electronics, as well as luxury food, alcohol and cigarettes, the CBS said. The report also indicated that the impact of the higher healthcare premiums have had a lesser effect than initially feared. The CBS said it expects the trend to continue as consumers feel more confident about the economy.

Verdonk spitter appeals sentence

The appeals court in Amsterdam sentenced the man who spat in the face of Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk in Amsterdam last year to EUR 250 fine and a suspended community service order of 30 hours. The trial court last year had sentenced him to 60 hours community service. Verdonk was shopping with her partner and children on Leidsestraat when the man spat at her. The minister's bodyguards detained the man who said he had acted in a fit of rage when he came across her by chance. Verdonk turned her head away in time and was not hit. 

Local authority sacks three over porn

Leidschendam-Voorburg dismissed three of its employees with immediate effect this week for looking at internet porn sites during work hours. Three other staff members were disciplined and ordered to surrender some leave time. Deals have been agreed within the council banning workers from visiting porn, racist or gambling sites during work, a spokesperson said.  

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