Dutch news in brief, 21 September 2004

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Minister promises 460,000 new homes

Minister promises 460,000 new homes

Housing Minister Sybilla Dekker has announced that more than 460,000 new homes will be built by 2010 to reduce the Dutch housing shortage to an acceptable level, She said most of the new homes will be built in urban areas, Radio Netherlands reported on Tuesday. Less than 100,000 of the new homes will be built outside urban areas. The minister is allocating EUR 650 million to the project.

Police cars destroyed in new 'arson attack'

Forty 40 police cars and motorbikes were destroyed or severely damaged in a suspected arson attack in Apeldoorn on Tuesday morning. The brand new vehicles were parked next to the premises of a company involved in fitting them out with the police communication system. The company's premises were also severely damaged in the blaze, which broke out at about 3.10am. Firefighters had the blaze under control by 3.50am, newspaper De Telegraaf reported. Police vehicles have been the target of several suspected arson attacks this year. Dozens have been burned in Weesp, Muiden, Deventer and Zeist and police are investigating a possible connection between the fires.

Killer 'admits' Baarn double murder

A court in Utrecht was told on Tuesday that Paul de R, the man suspected of murdering a married couple in Baarn, confessed to a fellow inmate. The witness, identified only as B. van A., told the court that De R. admitted the crime after they got to know each other, RTL reported. The defendant did not dispute the claim, saying it was possible he made the statement. The Baarn couple was killed four years ago and the prosecution alleges De R. buried their bodies on the children's farm he managed at the time.

NS dumps toilets from local trains

The new "stop trains" being introduced by Dutch rail operator NS will not be fitted with toilets. NS claims that commuters travelling short distances on stop or local trains rarely use the toilets. The rail operator will shortly order 110 Sprinter carriages, which will replace the oldest local trains from 2007 onwards. The trains will initially be used in the Randstad region between the large cities and NS said passengers spend on average of 20 minutes on the trains. The decision to do away with the toilets will yield considerable costs savings because the NS loses large sums on cleaning the toilets and dealing with vandalism. Four extra seats will be available on the trains without toilets. Intercity trains will still have toilets.

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