Dutch news in brief, 21 January 2005

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Court to re-examine Dover sentence

Court to re-examine Dover sentence

A court in Rotterdam is to re-examine the heavy jail term for manslaughter imposed on local man Perry W. in the Dover suffocation case. A court in Britain imposed a 14-year sentence on W. in 2002 after hearing the truck driver closed the air vents to prevent customs officers hearing the 60 illegal immigrants hidden in the back of his truck. All but two of the Chinese people suffocated. Members of the gang involved in this and other human trafficking cases received far lower sentences in the Netherlands. The court in Rotterdam must now decide if W. should also get a reduction now that he has been transferred back to a Dutch jail. The hearing is scheduled for 26 January.

Writer Theun de Vries dies

Writer Theun de Vries has died at the age of 97. His book "Het meisje met de rode haar", the girl with the red hair, immortalised student Hannie Schaft who operated with the Dutch resistance in the Second World War. The book was made into a Dutch-language film in 1981. De Vries also wrote prose and poetry. He died in his Amsterdam home in the presence of his daughter on Friday morning, publisher Querido said.

Survey: 'bag snatching' death an accident

Two-thirds of the Dutch population thinks that the death of alleged bag snatcher Ali el B. was a tragic accident. Almost 75 percent does not agree that the motorist who killed El B. is guilty of manslaughter. The Maurice de Hond survey also indicated that 19 percent of respondents believe that the death was not an accident. Eleven percent thinks motorist Germaine C. killed El B. on purpose and 75 percent believe there was not intent involved.

3,300 Iraqis register to vote

Some 3,323 Iraqis living in the Netherlands registered for their country's upcoming election, the International Organisation for Migration said on Thursday. The IOM is organising the overseas registration, which will continue until Sunday. Iraqis head to the poll for the first time in almost 50 years on 28, 29 and 30 January. Iraqis in the Netherlands can vote in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zwolle.

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