Dutch news in brief, 20 October 2005

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Opposition leader joins Ramadan fast

Opposition leader joins Ramadan fast

Labour Party leader Wouter Bos is to join fast for a day with Muslims in the Netherlands who are observing Ramadan. Muslim broadcaster NMO asked Bos, the leader of the largest opposition party in the Dutch parliament, to take part in Ramadan to help inform the wider public about Muslim traditions. Bos will fast next Tuesday and his observance of Ramadan will be broadcast by the NMO.

Council to message resident

Wageningen announced on Thursday it will be the first Dutch municipality to keep its residents informed of important events by SMS. Members of the public can elect to receive information about various aspects of the council's work and decisions via mobile phone. The scheme is to begin in January.

Rucksack closes traffic tunnel

Police temporarily closed off part of the Benelux tunnel in Rotterdam on Thursday morning to investigate a rucksack left on an overhead traffic sign. Police used a hydraulic arm to remove the bag and then took it away for examination. The rucksack was found in the right side of the tunnel which runs in the direction of Hoogvliet. The A4 runs through the Benelux tunnel under the Nieuwe Maas from Vlaardingen to Hoogvliet.

Van der Louw dies

Former Labour Party politician André van der Louw (PvdA) has died at the age of 72. He was chairman of the Dutch news network NOS from 1994 to 1998, and mayor of Rotterdam from 1974 to 1981. Van der Louw served as minister for culture, recreation and society in 1981-1982 and was chairman of the PvdA Labour party from 1971-1974. He was one of the authors of the "Tien over rood" document in 1966 that pleaded for a renewal of the PvdA's policies.

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