Dutch news in brief, 20 January 2005

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Minister, parties split on quickie divorces

Minister, parties split on quickie divorces

Dutch Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner of the Christian Democrat CDA party is determined to end fast-track divorces in the Netherlands. But the CDA's coalition partners, the Liberal VVD and the Democrat D66 are lining up with the opposition Labour PvdA and the green-left Groenlinks to oppose the move. Married couples who agree to a non-contentious break-up can have their union downgraded to a registered partnership which can in turn be dissolved without the intervention of a judge. Donner says the procedure should be scrapped as such "divorces" are not recognised in other countries. The minister also feels a judge should always have the last word in dissolving a marriage.

CDA blocks rent liberalisation plan

MPs of the Christian Democrat CDA, the largest party in the coalition government, have blocked plans to liberalise rent levels. Housing Minister Sybilla Dekker wanted to give housing corporations more freedom to decide how much rent to charge tenants, but the CDA said this was a bad idea at a time when the sector is "overstrained" because middle-income households would be hard hit. Dekker is to re-work the plan.

11th tsunami victim identified

The official number of Dutch people killed by the Indian Ocean tsunami has risen to 11, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. In total, nine Dutch people are known to have died in Thailand, one in Sri Lanka and one during a flight from Thailand to Brussels. Almost 30 people strongly believed to have been in the region when the tsunami struck on 26 December are still missing and are likely to be dead. The list of people who might have been in the area and are yet to be traced has fallen to about 15. Originally, almost 500 people had been listed as untraced.

Three soldiers fined for misbehaving

Three Dutch soldiers who were sent home from peacekeeping duties in Bosnia after being involved in a violent argument have each been fined EUR 300, the public prosecutor's office said on Thursday. The three were said to be guilty of involvement in a "mild form of violence". A fourth soldier was cleared of any criminality as his involvement was said to be too minor to merit punishment. The military will not say anything else about the facts of the case or the ranks of the men.

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