Dutch news in brief, 2 June 2005

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Shell raises petrol price for 4th time

Shell raises petrol price for 4th time

Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell raised the price of petrol by one euro cent and a litre of diesel by two cents on Thursday. This is the fourth price hike by the market leader in the Netherlands in a week. A litre of unleaded now costs EUR 1.325 and a litre of super plus is EUR 1.379. The price of a litre of diesel costs EUR 1.005. Shell bases its prices for car fuel on the international market. Oil prices rose in the past week, with a barrel of American crude oil now above USD 54.

Border guards deny harassment

Polish guards have denied they acted improperly during a check on a bus load of Amsterdam school students on their way to the former death camp Auschwitz. The students from Montessori College Oost were on a history outing to teach them about the suffering of Jews and other groups under the Nazis in the Second World War. The school authorities complained to the Polish embassy the students were stopped on the Polish border on the outward and return journeys and subjected to sexually and racially hinted harassment. An investigation was carried out, but the border guards denied any wrongdoing. 

Utrecht blocks extra Sunday shopping

Utrecht residents have rejected by a large majority a proposal to extend the number of shopping Sundays. In a local referendum, held at the same time as the national referendum on the EU Constitution, 66 percent voted against more Sunday shopping and 34 percent supported the proposal. The turnout was 60 percent, slightly lower than the national referendum. The result means that shops will only be allowed to open for Sunday trading on the first Sunday of every month and on other selective Sundays that follow feast days. The city council wanted to allow shops to open on all Sundays and on various holidays.

Supermarkets among Europe's cheapest

Prices in Dutch supermarkets are lower now than when the euro currency replaced the guilder in 2002. This puts Dutch supermarkets among the cheapest in Europe. The chairman of the sector association CBL, Klaas van den Doel, said the low prices were mainly the result of the long-running price war being waged by supermarkets in the Netherlands.

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