Dutch news in brief, 19 April 2005

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Netherlands faces up to biometric passports

Netherlands faces up to biometric passports

New Dutch passports issued from the latter part of 2006 onwards will feature a scan of the bearer's face, and later a copy of the person's fingerprint. The biometric details of all new passports will be stored in a central database, Government Reform Minister Pechtold has told Parliament. The EU has stated that all member states should introduce biometric passports by August 2006. The US is in dispute with the EU on the issue as America had set a deadline of later this year for the introduction of such passports.  

AH opts for new biscuit packaging

Supermarket Albert Heijn (AH) has announced it is going to change the packaging on its selection of house brand fruit biscuits. It took the decision following a complaint that the wrappers were too similar to manufacturer Verkade's sultana biscuits. AH is awaiting a court judgement in its battle with food producer Unilever, which claims that AH redesigned the packaging and labelling on many of its house brand products to look like Unilever's top-shelf items.

D66 co-founder dies

Former housing minister Hans Gruijters has died at the age of 73. Gruijters and Hans van Mierlo established the left-of-centre liberal democratic party D66 in 1966. He caused a stir in 1972 when he said he would count his fingers if and when he had to shake hands with a Catholic politician. He was implying that Catholic politicians are so dishonest they might steal a finger when shaking hands. Gruijters left national politics in 1977 and resigned from D66 last year after saying he no longer felt at home in the party. Meanwhile, Senator Alis Koekkoek died on Monday after a long illness, the Upper House of the Dutch Parliament has confirmed. Koekkoek, 60, had been a member of the Senate for the Christian Democrat CDA party since 2003.

Visitor killed in asylum centre

A visitor to the asylum seekers centre in Doetinchem was killed on Monday night. The police said they have arrested a person in relation to the case but declined to answer questions about the victim's identity or a possible motive. No details were given either about how the person died.

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