Dutch news in brief, 18 May 2006

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Tax burden down in EU, up in Holland

Tax burden down in EU, up in Holland

The tax burden in the European Union decreased slightly in 2004. Taxes and social security charges dropped on average 0.2 percent in the 25 EU states to 39.3 percent of the Gross National Product (GNP), Eurostat statistics agency said. The tax burden in the Netherlands rose by 0.3 percent to 37.8 percent of GNP. Residents of Lithuania have the lowest tax burden (28.4 percent), while Sweden has the highest (50.5 percent). The Netherlands is in 12th place, just under the EU average.

Dutch sailor dies in Ocean Race

Dutch sailor Hans Horrevoets died on Thursday morning after being swept overboard from the sail boat ABN AMRO II during heavy Atlantic seas. The ABN Amro II is one of seven boats in the around the Volvo Ocean race. The yacht was sailing in five-meter waves and 55 kph winds when Horrevoets was washed overboard in the early hours of the morning approximately 2,100 kilometres off Land's End, England, the race office in Portsmouth said. Horrevoets was taken from the water but did not regain consciousness. The yacht was in fifth place on the New York-England leg of the race at the time.

Police turn in better performance

The country's police forces improved their performances last year in comparison with 2004. To say the public paid dearly for at least a portion of this success is no exaggeration. The annual report on the police said more fines were issued by officers: 2.04 million in 2005, up from 1.97 the year before. On a more positive note the police were more available and the public happier with the results of this contact.

Hunt for duck with dart

Animal welfare activists have been trying since Sunday to locate a duck that has a  dart through its bill. The animal is living by a small stream between the hotel school and a children's' farm in Maastricht. Dozens of volunteers have been trying to entice the bird with bread, but it flies away each time before they can capture it. The local animal ambulance service said it is suspected the dart was deliberately driven through the duck's beak. It cannot eat and will die unless it is removed soon.

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