Dutch news in brief, 15 October 2004

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Ex-Ahold bosses charged with fraud, forgery

Ex-Ahold bosses charged with fraud, forgery

Four former directors of Dutch retailer Ahold have been officially accused of fraud and forgery in connection with the massive accounting scandal last year. The accused are former chairman Cees van der Hoeven, former financial chief Michel Meurs, former board member Jan Andreae and former commissioner Robert Fahlin. Amsterdam Court outlined the case on Wednesday and Thursday. The public prosecutor alleges the four men fraudulently included the profits of joint ventures in the results for the Ahold group, artificially boosting sales by more EUR 900 million. The Ahold case is the first time that directors of a multinational company have been summoned to appear in a Dutch court over an accountancy fraud. No date has been set for the trial.

Murdered women were Rotterdam prostitutes

Police investigations have revealed the two women killed in Rotterdam on Thursday were prostitutes working in the city's street sex zone on the Keileweg. The victims were a 44-year-old woman of no fixed address and a 36-year-old woman of Rotterdam, police said Friday. A security worker at the Port of Rotterdam found both victims at about 6.15am on Thursday in Lekstraat. The victims were found under semi-trailers about 50m from each other. One of the women was already dead, the other died shortly after in hospital. Autopsies were being conducted on Friday, but police said the women were probably killed with a firearm.

Knife suspect 'father' of two children

The man suspected of the knife attack on a family in Naaldijk on Thursday is "very probably" the father of the two youngest children, police said Friday. The suspect is a 39-year-old man from The Hague and is the former partner of the 37-year-old woman who died in the knife attack. The woman and three of her children — aged one, two and 12 — were found in their flat on Händellaan in Naaldwijk on Thursday morning. The woman died of her injuries shortly after, while the three children were taken to hospital in a critical condition. They were listed as stable Thursday night. The man was arrested almost immediately after the attack. A silent march will be held in the village on Saturday to honour the victims.

Fortuyn murder most important post-WWII event

The May 2002 murder of anti-immigration Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn is the most post-World War II event, followed by the economic malaise at the start of the 1980s, research published Friday indicated. The Historisch Nieuwsblad (Historical Newspaper) also said that the discovery of the massive gas reserve at Slochteren (Groningen) was the third most important event. In connection with the Week of History, the magazine asked 638 people what they felt was the most important event since Second World War. The same survey also found that the average Dutch national considered themselves to be tolerant and law abiding. They described the Netherlands as being sensible and economical.

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