Dutch news in brief, 15 March 2005

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Number of employed women rising

Number of employed women rising

The number of working Dutch women has grown substantially over the past few years, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said. The number of women in employment has grown from about 50 percent in 1990 to 65 percent in 2003, ranking the Netherlands among the top three industrialised nations in terms of women's employment.

Rent rises lowest in 10 years

Rents will increase on average by 1.8 percent this year, Housing Minister Sybilla Dekker has said. The average increase has not been less than 2.5 percent since 1995, meaning next year's rise is the lowest in a decade. Rents rose by 2.9 percent last year and 3.1 percent the year before. Minister Dekker has placed a maximum of 2.7 percent on rent rises this year, but housing corporations may only increase rent for present tenants by 1.6 percent.

Dutch agree with MP Wilders

A majority of Dutch nationals is partially or completely in agreement with the 'declaration of independence' given by MP Geert Wilders. A Maurice de Hond survey among 700 people found that some 65 percent of Dutch nationals agree with Wilders that the Netherlands' current problems are due to the manner in which it has been governed in past decades. Wilders especially found support among backers of the populist LPF, Liberal VVD and Christian Democrat CDA.

Dutch troops return home

The withdrawal of Dutch troops from Iraq started on Monday as nearly 150 soldiers arrived home. The Netherlands had some 1,400 troops stationed in the southern Iraqi province al-Muthanna. All of the Dutch forces will return home by mid-April. They are being replaced by British troops.

Tsunami death toll rises

The Dutch toll from the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster rose to 25 on Monday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said. About 10 are still listed as missing, presumed dead, and five difficult-to-trace people are suspected of having been in the region at the time of the disaster.

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