Dutch news in brief – 13 April

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Coalition divided over illegal immigrants

Coalition divided over illegal immigrants

Disagreement has erupted within the government coalition regarding moves to discourage illegal immigrants from remaining in the Netherlands. The Christian Democrat CDA has proposed making illegal residence an offence, but the Liberal VVD and the Democrat D66 are opposed to legislative change. The VVD fears the shortage of prison cells could worsen as a result, Radio Netherlands reported. But both the CDA and VVD believe action should be taken against those who help illegal immigrants remain in the country.

Royal mourning for Queen Juliana ends

The period of royal mourning after the death of Queen Juliana last month ended on Sunday. According to the government information service RVD, Juliana had requested the mourning period to be as short as possible. It is therefore possible, for the 24 April wedding of Prince Johan Friso and Mabel Wisse Smit to proceed. The 30 April Queen's Day celebrations will also go ahead, but Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima have cancelled attending the Dutch premiere of the Dutch film Girl with a Pearl Earring in The Hague on Tuesday night. Princess Maxima is sick with the flu.

Women face 12 years on Turkish heroin charges

The Turkish public prosecution officially accused two Dutch women in the Izmir Court in Turkey on Tuesday of involvement in the illegal trade of heroin and membership of a criminal organisation. The women's lawyer said the allegations means they face a jail term of 12 years. Anna Maria S. and her cousin Linda F. have always denied their involvement in the drugs trade. They were arrested on 10 June last year and the court will make its ruling on 12 May. Two other suspects, two males of both Dutch and Turkish nationality, have already confessed.

Beckham was lonely, says 'Dutch lover'

The Dutch woman alleged to have had an affair with Real Madrid football star David Beckham claims she helped him through a lonely period. After Beckham transferred from Manchester United last year, his wife Victoria stayed behind in Britain. As the sex scandal continues, alleged lover 26-year-old Rebecca Loos also claimed that Beckham was so excited when they kissed in the back of his car that there was no way back and they made love in a Madrid hotel. She claimed to have had sympathy for him and thought he was beautiful: "He had even styled his public hair".

20pc of men iron while naked

Research has indicated that 20 percent of Dutch men iron their clothes naked or semi-naked. The figure is even higher among men under the age of 24: one-third of them iron while naked. The research from Philips and fabric softener Robijn indicated that 33 percent of men only iron what they need at that moment and that they prefer to leave it to their women, especially older men.
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