Dutch news in brief, 12 October 2005

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MPs back criminal deportation plan

MPs back criminal deportation plan

A majority of MPs have signalled their backing for a proposal by Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk to speedily deport immigrants who commit crime. During a debate in parliament on Tuesday, the main coalition parties, the Liberals and Christian Democrats, indicated support for the plan as did the populist LPF, the orthodox Christian SGP and Independents Hilbrand Nawijn and Geert Wilders. The opposition Labour Party, green-left GroenLinks and ChristenUnie oppose the idea on principal. Small government party D66 is against the one-strike and you are out element of the plan.

Dutch specialists top salary league

Independent medical specialists are paid more in the Netherlands than anywhere else in the world, according to data compiled by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Magazine 'Medisch Contact' said the OECD figures put Dutch specialists ahead of their peers. The next highest paid specialists are in the US, Belgium and France. Dutch specialists employed by medical institutions come second to their colleagues in the UK in the wage league table. But the Dutch Order of Medical Specialists disputed the findings and argued that specialists often receive additional 'under the table payments' in other countries.

Motorist lied about brick attack

A motorist, 46, who claimed a brick was dropped on his car from a bridge on the A4 near The Hague, lied, the police said on Wednesday. Officers believe the man made up the story after he failed to stay at the scene of an accident he was involved in. The man made a complaint of attempted manslaughter.

Acquitted marine gets compensation

The Dutch State has been ordered to pay marine Eric O. EUR 10,000 in damages. A court in Arnhem ruled on Wednesday that the soldier was entitled to the money after being acquitted of breaking the rules of engagement in Iraq in 2003. The marine fired a warning shot at looters and one man was allegedly killed by a ricochet. O's lawyer claimed the prosecution was unjustified.

Kidnap ends in car crash

The kidnapping of a woman, 21, in Nijmegen came to a full stop on Tuesday evening when the kidnapper's car was involved in an accident. Police arrested the victim's 31-year-old ex-boyfriend. Unable to accept the break up, he forced the woman into his car and threatened to rape and kill her. He lost control of the steering as he tried to stop the woman jumping out of the car. The vehicle went off the road and landed on its roof. The man and woman, both from Nijmegen, were unhurt. In a separate case, police chased after and arrested a man, 29, who forced his ex-girlfriend, 28, into his car in Oosterhout in Brabant Province.

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