Dutch news in brief, 12 October 2004

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Ex-Antillean PM Komproe dies, aged 62

Ex-Antillean PM Komproe dies, aged 62

Former Antillean prime minister Ben Komproe died in hospital on the island of Curacao on Monday. He was 62. Komproe, a former Antillean justice minister as well, had been sick for some time and underwent an emergency operation on his stomach in St. Elisabeth hospital last month. He had been in intensive care since. Komproe was Antillean Prime Minister for several months in 2003, filling in for the leader of the FOL party, Anthony Godett, who was accused of fraud. Komproe was arrested on 7 September this year on suspicion of he was a member of a criminal gang and corruption. While serving as Justice Minister, Komproe had issued Colombian and Bolivian prostitutes with residence permits, despite claims he was not authorised to do so.

Prosecutor's home computer hacked

Hackers have broken into the new home computer of Amsterdam public prosecutor Joost Tonino and placed an email he sent to prosecution chief Leo de Wit on the internet. The public prosecutor's office (OM) has launched an investigation, admitting insufficient security measures were taken to shield Tonino's email traffic after it was revealed last week he dumped an old computer on the street with highly sensitive crime fighting information. The computer eventually ended up in the hands of crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. Tonino's stolen email said that the report broadcast by De Vries last week had not damaged existing investigations into high profile cases, as initially feared. The email was placed on the website neukia.nl.

Dutch donate an extra EUR 10m to Darfur

The Netherlands has decided to give an extra EUR 10 million in emergency aid for the Darfur region in Sudan. Overseas Development Minister Agnes van Ardenne also called on other European Union nations to increase aid and assist in improving co-ordination of relief efforts in Darfur. EU foreign ministers met in Luxembourg on Monday to discuss the situation and Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot was travelling to Sudan on Tuesday in the capacity as EU President. Bot wants to maintain pressure on the government in Khartoum over possible EU sanctions to end the violence being committed by Arab militias against Black Africans.

Top 10 Dutch citizens of all time revealed

Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff is the only living person named in the top 10 of the greatest Dutch people. Dutch broadcaster KRO unveiled the top 100 Dutch nationals, as decided by 200,000 voters, in a special presentation on Monday night, before whittling the list down to a top 10. KRO will announce the winner on 15 November. The top 10 are:  Johan Cruijff, Willem Drees, Erasmus, Pim Fortuyn, Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Willem van Oranje, Rembrandt van Rijn and Michiel de Ruyter. Every nominee will be represented by a special ambassador over the coming period and will be portrayed in depth in one of the next 10 episodes before the winner is announced.

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