Dutch news in brief, 12 November 2005

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Man dies in crash after stabbing son

Man dies in crash after stabbing son

A 51-year-old man died on Sunday evening as a result of a head-on collision between two cars in Laag Soeren in Gelderland Province. A short time earlier the man had stabbed and critically injured his 17-year-old son in the family home in Dieren. The son was reported to be in a stable condition in a hospital in Arnhem on Monday. Police are trying to establish why the dead man attacked his son and then crashed into an oncoming car, driven by a 19-year-old resident of Dieren.

Rotterdammer gets 13 days jail for bomb threat 

Rotterdammer M van G., 23, who sent emails warning of bomb attacks on the Monaco aan de Maas racing event in the city in August was sentenced to 13 days jail on Monday. He has already served this time in custody awaiting his trial. The court said the emails, which were supposed to be a joke, were the height of stupidity.

Majority against new healthcare system

A majority of the population (56 percent) opposes the new healthcare system that comes into force on 1 January. Only 30 percent is in favour, according to an opinion poll conducted by Maurice de Hond, on behalf of the Socialist Party. The poll found resistance to the new healthcare system is greatest among supporters of opposition parties (almost 70 percent). Supporters of Health Minister Hans Hoogervorst's Liberal Party (VVD) aren't too charmed by the reform of healthcare either. Some 48 percent are against the changes, while 38 percent are in favour.

Cafe regulars exposed to TB

A cafe employee with open TB passed on the infection to 13 regular patrons in the north town of Harlingen, the health service in Friesland Province said on Monday. One of the 13 has gone on to develop open TB. the 43-year-old employee is in hospital after the TB infection was detected in mid November. A study of the people she came into contact with found 13 had been exposed to TB. The health authorities played down fears of a TB epidemic, but said it was expected several of the people who had regular contact with the woman would develop open TB.

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