Dutch news in brief, 12 July 2005

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Shell settles reserves lawsuit

Shell settles reserves lawsuit

Anglo-Dutch oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell has agreed to pay USD 90 million (EUR 73.9 million) to settle a lawsuit in the US relating to the company 's repeated downgrading of its known gas and oil reserves in 2004. The class action was taken on behalf of
employees who participated in certain employee saving plans.

Deal may end rail dispute

Trade union officials and rail network administrator ProRail have drawn up a draft agreement in relation to a new CAO pay and conditions agreement for the company's 2,800 staff. This should end a year of disagreement and conflict that led to a national rail stoppage last month. The agreement specifies that the staff will get a wage rise of 1 percent backdated to 1 January this year and 1.75 percent next year.

Light reduction in fuel price

Market leader Shell offered motorists some hope of light at the end of the tunnel on Tuesday by reducing the price of car fuel.Continuous increases in recent months have propelled prices to the highest level ever. Shell has now reduced the recommended price for a litre of unleaded by 2 cents to EUR 1.399. Super Plus now stands at EUR 1.453 and diesel has become 1.6 percent cheaper and costs EUR 1.069 a litre.

No decision on Van Gogh monument

Despite media reports that a monument is to be built to murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh in the Oost/ Watergraafsmeer district of Amsterdam, the local council is still considering the issue, Amsterdam television station AT5 has reported. Initially, local councillors were worried a monument to Van Gogh would upset members of the Moroccan community in the area. On Tuesday, the district council said it was not concerned about offending anybody as the vast majority of residents had condemned the murder. But the question of how to mark the assassination of local man Van Gogh remains open. Preparations for the first anniversary of his murder on 2 November 2004 are already underway.

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