Dutch news in brief, 12 April 2005

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Dutch oppose Bolton as UN ambassador

Dutch oppose Bolton as UN ambassador

Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot said the candidacy of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the United Nations is "ill-advised" and does not equate with efforts to reform the UN. Bolton is known as anti-UN and his candidacy is also being hotly contested within the US Congress, news service 'NIS' reported. Bot is hoping the US will take a less "isolationist" stance in the future and does not understand the appointment of Bolton, who has made negative remarks about the UN in the past. Congress must vote on Bolton's appointment on Thursday.

Damages demand for unwanted pregnancies

The lawyers of 15 women who became pregnant despite the fact they thought they were protected by the contraceptive device Implanon requested an adjournment of compensation proceedings on Tuesday. Proceedings started in Den Bosch Court against manufacturer Organon and 13 doctors, but the lawyers representing the women requested more time for further studies. The lawyers want experts to determine whether the hormone stick that is inserted under the skin on a woman's arm — used as a contraceptive — can slip out of the arm again unobtrusively. Once this is determined, a judge will be able to make a ruling as to who is liable for damages, the lawyers claim. The women are demanding compensation for unplanned pregnancies. The court will had down its ruling on 15 June.

VVD propose 'Tokkie suburb'

People who continually cause public disturbances should be forced to move into special suburbs made up of strengthened homes in remote regions, the Liberal VVD in The Hague has proposed. The plan also stipulates that assistance be given to housing corporations and social welfare groups to ensure that residents are only temporarily housed in the special suburbs. VVD councillor Anne Mulder said tackling anti-social residents is difficult because they simply continue their behaviour after forced relocations. The Christian Democrat CDA and Labour PvdA support the proposal to set up 'Tokkie neighbourhoods' giving the plan a majority in the city council. The term Tokkie refers to an infamous family in Amsterdam which has come to symbolise anti-social behaviour for many people in the Netherlands.

Man held in animal abuse case

A 49-year-old Enschede man was arrested on Friday on suspicion of animal abuse committed between 2000 and 2004, police said on Monday. The man has reportedly confessed to some of the crimes, in which animals were stabbed in the genital area. Dozens of incidents have been reported to police. In the district around Enschede and Oldenzaal animals such as ponies and sheep were so badly abused they died from their injuries. Some 25 animal owners have since lodged compensation claims.

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