Dutch news in brief, 11 October 2005

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Dutch 'have contorted view of newcomers'

Dutch 'have contorted view of newcomers'

There is a "certain contorted-ness" about the attitude in the Netherlands to people born outside the country, former Dutch prime minister Ruud Lubbers has said. As a Bible-inspired party, the Christian Democrats - which Lubbers led during the 1980s and early 1990s - had a "duty of honour", he said, to create a dialogue with newcomers and their children. Lubbers made his remarks at a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Christian Democrat party in the Netherlands.

Police hand out knifes to kids

The Police in Rijswijk handed out penknives to children during National Police Day on Saturday. This was an unfortunate mistake, a spokesperson admitted on Monday. The knife was in a case which also held a nail clipper and a screwdriver. It was a gift intended for adults only.

Iraq marines 'sleeping' appeal rejected

The Supreme Court, Hoge Raad, has rejected the appeal by two marines against their conviction for sleeping while on guard duty at Camp Smitty in Iraq two years ago. Last year they were given suspended sentences and community service. The marines blamed the extreme heat in As Samawah province for the incident.

Passengers evacuated from burning train

Passengers were evacuated on Tuesday morning when a fire broke on the train near Oss. The incident halted train services between Oss and Nijmegen. Rail manager ProRail said it did not know how the fire started. There were no injuries.

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