Dutch news in brief, 1 February 2006

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Kyoto is 'rubbish': ex-met director

Kyoto is 'rubbish':  ex-met director

The government and the media blindly trust the Dutch meteorological agency KNMI, Henk Tennekes, a former director with the organisation, has claimed in an interview with 'Elsevier' magazine. Tennekes said the scientific level in KNMI was insufficient for the cabinet to base its climate-change policy on it. "These people are civil servants and not scientists," he said. Tennekes, who was the research director at KNMI for 13 years, went on to describe the Kyoto accord on greenhouse gases as "rubbish".

Fears of garage collapse subside

Experts said on Wednesday afternoon that they were no longer afraid an underground parking garage in Amsterdam's Bos en Lommerplein was about to collapse. Earlier in the day the 'Gulden Winckelplantsoen' shopping centre was evacuated as it was believed there was an 80 percent chance the garage would cave in. The evacuation order has been rescinded. A heavy lorry parked overhead caused a 10-metre crack to appear in the roof of the structure.

Reporter avoids prosecution over leak

The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) announced on Wednesday crime reporter Peter R. de Vries will not face prosecution for possessing and broadcasting classified information on his television programme. The information was on computer disks an employee of the state security service AIVD left in a lease car in a garage. The disks contained information about the sex life of murdered politician Pim Fortuyn. 

Court frees sixth Hofstad suspect

A court in Amsterdam has freed 28-year-old Youssef E., who is accused of membership of the Hofstad group. The authorities say the group is a Muslim terrorist organisation. The court accepted an application from E.'s lawyer that he should be released as the time he has served in custody matches any sentence he would get if convicted. The OM argued E. played a "not insignificant role" in supporting the alleged terrorist group.

Dutch hip hoppers arrested in Germany

Hip hoppers of the US-Dutch group 'Wu-Tang Killa Beez' were detained in a jail cell for several hours in Germany, it was reported on Wednesday. Police with batons and dogs arrested members of the group in their hotel in Rastatt. The group's manager said the concert promoter incorrectly told the authorities the group was armed. Nothing was found in a search of the group's tour bus or in their hotel rooms.

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