Dutch navy crew supplies French in Ivory Coast

2nd January 2011, Comments 0 comments


The crew of the HNLMS Amsterdam have started work in Ivory Coast. The Dutch Ministry of Defence says the supply ship has brought provisions for the French helicopter carrier Tonnerre. The provisions include food, emergency rations, medical equipment, ammunition, weapons and fuel.

The Dutch supply ship was returning from a mission to combat piracy off the Somalian Coast when the French requested its assistance in Ivory Coast. The crew of the HNLMS Amsterdam had been looking forward to spending Christmas with their families. The ship is now expected to return to port in mid-January.

Violence flared in Ivory Coast after president Laurent Gbagbo refused to concede defeat in the November elections to his rival Assalane Outtara.

In spite of international pressure on the African leader, he still insists the election result was falsified.   



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