Dutch motorists not so badly off

19th April 2010, Comments 0 comments

Motorists in the Netherlands may be convinced they live in a country where you're permanently stuck in traffic, but according to Dutch daily , things aren't all that bad compared with other parts of Europe.

In the Top 60 of traffic-unfriendly cities, compiled by the GPS company Tom Tom, Rotterdam only comes in 12th place and Amsterdam is 15th.

The worst city for traffic is Brussels where nearly half the major roads are completely jam-packed every day. Numbers two and three are both in Poland: Warsaw and Wroclaw. London is fourth, Paris ninth and Rome fourteenth in the list.

Motorists run the least risk of tailbacks in Spain and Scandinavia. Germany, heart of the European car industry and home of the motorway, has relatively few traffic jams.

The survey looked at cities with more than half a million inhabitants. Here's the Top 15:

1. Brussels 2. Warsaw 3. Wroclaw 4. London 5. Edinburgh 6. Dublin 7. Belfast 8. Marseilles 9. Paris 10. Luxembourg 11. Milan 12. Rotterdam 13. Birmingham 14. Rome 15. Amsterdam  


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